Production process of spay coating steel fence
Coating layer:
Hot-dip galvanized zinc coating:electrochemistry function, provent base material from rusting
Zinc phosphate:improve adhering ability coating layer and base material
Zinc-rich epoxy coating:excellent anti-risty and impact resistance ability
Golssy polyester coating:excellent UV resistanting stability, dusty resistant durability and self-clean ability
Comprehensive cost-effective ratebetween Spray coating steel fence and other fences
  Welded/iron casting fence Stainless fence Vinyl dipped fence/mesh fence Spray coating steel fence
Material Iron bar or Iron casting stainless tube steel tube or iron wire Hot dipped galvanized steel tube
Structure welding welding+bolts welding+bolts assemble+anti-theft bolts
Surface finish common paint no vinyl dipped zinc, epoxy, polyester
Surface glossy rought/require clean glossy,need clean glossy,need clean glossy, self-clean
Weatherability bad good common excellent(1000h)
Salt-spray resistance 50h 1000h 400h 3500h
Humidity resistance 50h 1000h 500h 3500h
Rust after damage yes no yes no
Color single or double colors single single match freely
Impact resistance low low easy-damage high
Safty common bad common good
Environment protection bad, easy to rest bad,glaring good excellent
Base requirement brick wall brick wall brick wall pre-embeded stake
Maintenance cost require clean rust and paint 8 years free of maintenance 5 years free of maintenance 15 year free of maintenance
Life time designed 3 years 8 years 5 years 15 years
Actual life time 3 years 8 years 5 years 15 years
Repair cost replace whole section replace whole section replace whole section replace damage parts
disposal after use replace replace replace paint again
Defects of other iron fence




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