Elegant steel fence take use of high coating technology from Germany, the base material is hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, which cut into narrow strips and then formed into square tube, zinc coated material have excellent errision resistance ability. never the less, material will be further zinc phosphated and rich zinc epoxy coated, and finally spraying coated by polyester powder . hence our products have lots of advantages compare to common fence. more details pls refer to technique support .

SA(2-rails series)
SB(3-rail series)
SC(3-rail with top rings)
SD(4-rail with double sides rings)
SE(4-rail series)
SP(Pool fence,closed picket)
SXA(2-rail with 45 curve top)
SXB(3-rail with 45 curve top)
SXE(4-rail with 45 curve top)
SWA(2-rail with 90 curve top)
SWB(2-rail with 90 curve top)
SWE(2-rail with 90 curve top)


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